Doing just anything to save this heart of mine.
But your shadow and your sweet scent still linger in almost every corner.
News about you, no matter they're big or small,
Are like warm summer breeze.
But deep within, lay a deadly tornado.
They light me up for a few minutes and rap me off this momentary joy the next second.
You were once the one who's the closest to my heart,
Well maybe I should say that you're a big part of my heart.
But look, what time has done to it?
This heart has lost its warmth forever.
From that moment on, no sparks can survive for more than just a few nano seconds.
Please don't blame me for letting them have a chance to shine in my life.
Afterall, I'm just a human.
You would never know how great and gracious you are until they've all shrinked and dimmed.
One thing you that you would never understand is
I'm not as happy as you thought when I told you that I'm actually very satisfied with my single life,
That I can go anywhere I want at anytime that I want do whatever I wish grab any girls that pleased me.
Fake a story to convince you that I've moved forward.
The only one who's managed to make my heart scarred for life,
The only one who's capable of making me smile under any circumstances,
The only one who's able to make me remember every detail in everything about us, and about you,
The only one who can change me this much without her trying,
Is you.
I love you for who you are,
I love you more and more each day come what may,

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